Hi, welcome to my website!

My name is Kim LaFrance, you can read more about my journey here.

Reiki & Emotion Code

As a Certified Reiki and an Emotion Code Practitioner, I offer Reiki and Emotion Code sessions.  Are you looking to improve your physical, emotional, or spiritual health and to tap into your body’s own innate healing wisdom?  These holistic modalities may be for you.  If you are unfamiliar with these transformative energetic practices, information is available on my Reiki and Emotion Code pages, and FAQs.  

If you wish to schedule an in-person session, please contact me at newbeginningskl@gmail.com for an appointment.

Reading Recommendations

On my site you will also find a list of incredible books that I recommend reading.  The stories and information are amazing and each author’s journey supports the concept that our thoughts, relationships, and day-to-day stress directly affects our physical and emotional health, and that Western medicine, while miraculous, has lost an integral spiritual link that is key to our overall wellbeing.

Amazing Individuals

As part of my journey, I’ve been blessed to come across incredibly gifted individuals, and love the idea of sharing the wealth with others.  Enjoy!

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